Temperature and grapes care

The clear sky will be present in all grape growing areas, however in most of areas partly cloudy conditions may be experienced. Nasik and Pune area may be cloudy up to Friday, while Solapur Bijapur area may have cloudy conditions after Sunday. Lowest temperatures in the range of 11-13°C will be present only around Pune while all other areas minimum temperatures may rise above 14oC and may reach up to 20°C in Sangli Solapur area.

Afternoon temperatures in most area will go above 30°C in most areas. Depending upon cloudy conditions and minimum temperature RH is likely to increase for short period. And wherever RH is increasing above 60 % risk of powdery mildew is likely to increase for short period during coming week.

Fungicide sprays may be required to eliminate disease inoculums if present due to old infections, especially of powdery mildew. All growers where veraison has taken place or likely to take place soon and if planning to cover bunches with paper, may give one spray of myclobutanil 10WP, 0.4 g / L immediately and cover the bunches as early as possible.

In Nasik area risk of Pink Berry now will be decreased considerably due to increase in minimum temperatures. But to be safer side, vineyards where bunches are in pre-veraison stage may try to delay veraison as much possible, as doing so will reduce the possibility of pink berry incidence. Following measures are suggested

Flood irrigate the vineyard

Spray strabularin fungicides such as azoxtstrobin 0.5 ml / L, Kresoxim methyl 0.6 ml / L. These fungicides will delay veraison and protect bunches from powdery mildew.

Application of cytokinin like substances will also delay veraison.

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