Aphid -Aphids illinoisensis

The grapevine aphid is rarely a serious pest of cultivated grapes. The aphids pass the winter in the egg stage on viburnum. Hatching begins in early spring. Initially, wingless generations are produced after which winged individuals make their appearance and fly to vineyards. Colonies of the aphid develop on the young shoots and leaves. The aphids are dark brown and the adultfemales are about 1/10inch long. In the fall, winged aphids again develop; they return to
viburnum and give rise to the egg laying females. There are numerous natural enemies of the grapevine aphid, including ladybird beetles, lacewings, syrphid fly larvae and parasitic wasps, which usually exert some degree of control on the aphids. This insect normally does not pose a serious threat to grapevines.

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