Mealy bug

Damage Mealy bug, pseudococcas maritimus, is a serious pest of both wine and juice grapes. This pest produces honeydew that makes the fruit, shoots, and foliage sticky. A black fungus, Cladosponumspp., grows on the honeydew, producing a sooty mold. Serious honeydew and sooty mold contamination will make the fruit unsuitable for processing into wine or juice.Life Cycle Mealy bugs over winter as eggs and crawlers, usually under bark on the trunk and cordons. After bud break, the crawlers feed on the new shoots. They mature in early summer, and the adults move back to the trunks and laterals to lay eggs. The second-generation crawlers move back to the green tissue, including the fruit, where they mature by late summer. The honeydew produced by the second generation can cause processors to reject the fruit

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