Colomerus vitis) This extremely small (0.2 mm, 1/125 in.), worm-shaped eriophyid mite lives most of its life inside grape buds. Note that the bud mite pictured above is white and roughly cylindrical compared to the rust mite, pictured below, which is more yellow and wider at the head end. The bud mite, also called the grape erineum mite, has been in Washington for many years but it was rarely a pest. Recently has it become much more common, probably due to the reduction in sulfur applications in vineyards. Its small size and hidden life-style makes monitoring and detection difficult. In addition, it is difficult to control with chemicals because it is protected inside bud scales. Although the bud mite is mainly a pest of wine grapes, we found it on Concord grapes in 2006. It doesn’t appear to cause damage to Concords but we will be studying this potential problem. For more detailed information on bud mite biology and control, click on the links in the rust mite section below.

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