Diyarex gold(New Generation of Biofungicide)

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Diyarex Gold is a non-residue eco-friendly natural biofungicide, with significant added values to humans and the environment.
Diyarex Gold is the new generation of biofungicides for the control of powdery mildews, downy mildews, rust and early & late blight diseases in vegetables, herbs, grapevines and orchards.

Mode of Action

Diyarex Gold is a biofungicide based on a plant extract of the alternifolia developed by RV Agri Corporation. The natural components contained in Diyarex Gold offer multiple modes of action on fungal cells, representing the unique fungicidal capabilities of alternifolia.
Diyarex Gold brings with it a new concept and dimension for highly effective and sustainable disease control.
Diyarex Gold is an eco-friendly non-residual fungicide, harmless to beneficial insects and bees, that offers human and environment safety.
Diyarex Gold exhibits prophylactic and curative efficacy which acts against various stages of the pathogenesis.
Diyarex Gold is an excellent tool for effective resistance management due to its being a multi- component compound with multi-site fungicidal activity.

Diyarex Gold is a proprietary multi-component natural biofungicide.
Controlled Diseases

Diyarex Gold has a proven efficacy in numerous studies as well as commercial use in assorted crops against various diseases:

Downy mildew
Powdery mildew
Early blight and Late blight
Black Sigatoka
Diyarex Gold is used in intensive/high value crops
Vegetables-cucurbits, tomato, pepper and more,Grapevines table & wine grapes
Herbs & spices
Fruits and berries

Diyarex Gold core Advantagesex GoldCore Advantages

An effective wide range natural biofungicide, Safe to the environment
No residues
Best Tool for Resistance Management.
Ideal product in alternation programs
Harmless to beneficial insects and bees.
No PHI (Pre Harvest Interval) limitationsandNo re-entry limitations
No stains on the crop
Zero toxic load
Suitable for Conventional and Organic Farming and Organic Certified


7 to 10ml in 15 ltrs of water.

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