Training Systems

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Many training systems are in vogue, but the most popular are Bower, Telephone and Flat Roof Gable systems.

Bower System: Owing to the high productive potential, bower was a very popular system of training in the past. It is highly suited for vigorous varieties like Anab-e-Shahi, Bangalore Blue and Gulabi. But in varieties like Thompson Seedless and Tas-A-Ganesh where vine vigour and excessive foliage density affects the productivity adversely, this system is not popular.

Telephone System: T-trellis is used in this system of training. With three top wires and ‘T’ shaped supports, the trellis looks like a telephone pole and wires and hence the name.

This system is followed for moderately vigorous varieties like Thompson Seedless and other seedless cultivars in about 25-30 percent of the vineyard area in Maharashtra. Yields in this system are less than the bower. In very hot and dry places, sunburn of the berries and of the arms are experienced in summer.

Flat Roof Gable System: Combining the advantage of bower and the extended Y systems and eliminating their disadvantages, an inter-connected Y trellis forming a flat roof gable is being adopted. This system is particularly followed for vigorous vines (vines grafted on rootstocks). The bunches are protected from direct sunlight and well exposed to sprays of pesticides. The clusters hang within the reach of the worker of an average height. Owing to these advantages, this system is gaining popularity among the growers.

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