Fan leaf Degeneration

The impact of fan leaf degeneration varies with the tolerance of the cultivar to the virus. Tolerant cultivars produce fairly good crops. Sensitive cultivars are severely affected, showing progressive. decline of the vines, low yields (up to 80% losses) and low fruit quality shortened productive life of the vineyard, low proportion of graft take, reduced rooting ability of propagation material, and decreased resistance to adverse climatic factors. Continue reading “Fan leaf Degeneration”

Citrus Nematodes

The citrus nematode is considered one of the most pathogenic V nematode species on grape. Vigor IS remarkably reduced, and affected plants do not have resilience to withstand stressful conditions. Yields gradually and inevitably decline, and vineyards become uneconomical. Continue reading “Citrus Nematodes”

Root-Knot Nematodes

Root-knot nematodes seldom kill vines; more often, plants decline in vigor and are more
susceptible to stress. For example, severe leaf burn and even berry damage may occur on nematode-infested vines when hot weather closely follows sulfur treatments because the plants are unable to move enough water quickly enough to compensate. Continue reading “Root-Knot Nematodes”