Activities related to cleaning of vineyards

Cloudy conditions, possibility of thunderstorms, increase in RH will be the main highlights of weather during coming 7 days. North part of Nasik it may rain and hence RH will increase in Nasik district. The cloudy conditions for few days reduce the temperatures but after 4 to 5 days temperature will increase again. Windy condition during most of the days will not allow higher RH for long time. Continue reading “Activities related to cleaning of vineyards”

Temperature and grapes care

The clear sky will be present in all grape growing areas, however in most of areas partly cloudy conditions may be experienced. Nasik and Pune area may be cloudy up to Friday, while Solapur Bijapur area may have cloudy conditions after Sunday. Lowest temperatures in the range of 11-13°C will be present only around Pune while all other areas minimum temperatures may rise above 14oC and may reach up to 20°C in Sangli Solapur area. Continue reading “Temperature and grapes care”